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⛓ MAN OF STEEL ⛓ 🔴 Kryptonian Armor 🔴 ▪️Energy Based Hammer ▪️Power Enhancement ▪️Shield Protection 🔴Protection From 🔴 ▪️Red Solar Radiation Projectiles ▪️Kryptonite Bombs ▪️Black Hole Bullets 📚 Info From @superman_feats _________________________________________________ Please follow me: -@Superman_love_fan

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Zack Snyder continua a divulgar imagens em sua conta do #Vero Olhem essa do dublê de Ben Affleck como o Batman na sequência do "pesadelo"! (Ou seria uma visão?) 😱😍👏

BTS ~ i do love that smile tattoo on Joker’s hand. It’s utilised pretty well in Suicide Squad, on Harley.

Dublê de Ben Affleck (Richard Cetrone) nos set de Batman v Superman na famosa e querida cena 'Batman Knightmare'. #Batman #batmanvsuperman #batmanknightmare #knightmare #benaffleck #zacksnyder #justiceleague #Warner #dcu #dccomics

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Holy moly everybody! Look at what I found! I’m pretty sure this is the first project that I did when I decided I wanted to be an artist when I’m older, this is from 2 years ago! Time sure does fly. I was really happy when how this came out! I showed it to all my friends and they didn’t believe that I drew and inked this with Sharpie! Well I hope you guys like it! Who’s your favorite superhero? Comment down below! And don’t forget, if you’re new to my Instagram page, follow me to stay tined for some awesome art! 👀😁🙏🏽🙌🏽