Music is all about people. I carry each person I’ve met hidden deep inside my heart. #allaboutpeople #throwbackthursday #Indonesia

It is a pretty strange (and so simple!) fact to realize in your early 30-s that life is all about people around you: if people are great, your life becomes great as well #greattrip #newzealand #auckland #glendowie #discovery #allaboutpeople #myself #nofilters

Thoughts on Justin... I love the shot of Justin in the reflection of him in the water with the tree behind. I think it speaks to Justin’s life stage and the journey that he has before him. He’s 17, maybe 18 years old and just made a decision to follow the Lord. His future is in front of him. Blessed is the man who trusts in the LORD And whose trust is the LORD. They are like trees planted along a riverbank, with roots that reach deep into the water. Such trees are not bothered by the heat or worried by long months of drought. Their leaves stay green, and they never stop producing fruit. We have that verse written on the chalkboard wall at our house and it has been my experience that it is true. I hope that Justin will experience it for himself. . . . . . . . . #found #gatewaychurch #allaboutpeople #futurehope #portrait #photography #hisstory #portraitphotography #whatsyourstory #believer #treeoflife

When she was born, she was diagnosed with a heart defect so rare her nurses and doctors had not personally encountered it before. At almost three months old, she had open-heart surgery. A few weeks after her surgery, we started seeing some discoloration in her leg. We brought her back to the heart doctor, and they found a mass in her abdomen that was cutting off blood flow to her leg. It was cancerous, and she immediately started on chemo—at four months old. Her cancer was so rare and destructive, her doctors had to change the type of chemo multiple times and the tumors kept coming back more and more aggressively. During this time, she also received radiation and countless surgeries. It felt like a never-ending cycle. Halfway into her treatment, her doctors were starting to give up and started focusing on keeping her comfortable because it didn’t seem like her body could handle more treatment. To say it was unbelievably hard is a huge understatement. When I first found out about her heart defect, I was devastated, but in that moment, I clearly heard God tell me she would be healthy and with me forever. I held onto that promise throughout everything knowing He always keeps His promises. Addison has now been in remission for three years as of this past June and had her last open-heart surgery this past November. She still has her struggles, but you’d never know it by looking at her. She loves to sing and dance and be the center of attention. She’s truly a miracle. Our little survivor.” 📝@marathon_dan

In the perspective of a hotelier, it is so true. Luxury experience is not only from chandelier but also from a personal touch who makes people comfortable and happy. #luxury #hospitality #genuine #caring #attention #allaboutpeople #appreciatewhoyouhave #bepositive #bethankful #beproud

Thank you Audalia for being a great partner 🍀 Our Alexandra and Audalia‘s Javier joining forces at the annual Congreso Factor Humano in Madrid.

215/800km 作為路上唯二嘅香港人 係極少量嘅亞洲人中 稀有品種 個個都認得我地 我地係唔認得每個人嘅😂😂😂 一路上要成為 香港外交官 不停力sale香港🇭🇰 介紹中港特色🤫 極友好因為一定會重遇 一日行30km攰到爆想靜靜食飯 美國隊長不請自來 坐低隔離😂 我地攰住照傾左一餐飯 發現好多人好博學 自己嘅無知膚淺 每日幾遇德國佬好奇妙 君子之交淡若水好神奇 重遇韓國李小龍佢話佢d韓國隊友覺得我地pretty😂 心諗係嘅呢到個個都咁年長冇比較嘛 叫我點回你 德國佬輕鬆反問咁我呢幫我地解圍😭感動 原來法國人有成5 week annual leave真心震驚 香港打工仔 其實人才是最美的風景 #buencamino #caminofrances #allaboutpeople

My thoughts on Gene... I wanted to get a sense of him before our photoshoot so I spent a few hours reading through his book Unshackled. There were points in the book where I was sobbing not just a something is in my eye cry but a stream of tears and an inability to catch my breath. I was struck by the juxtaposition of Gene spiritually finding freedom in Christ while physically being behind bars. I thought he did a great job of articulating the internal struggle that lead to his decision. I loved reading about the impact he had in prison and the story of his eventual release is powerful. It was my first shoot to kick off the new look and feel of Gateway Life and we could not have selected a better person or story to start with. . . . . . . . . . . #redeemed #portraitphotography #hisstory #gatewaylife #allaboutpeople #prison #life #photography #stories #nofilter #potrait

A crime he didn’t commit. A life sentence. An encounter with Jesus. The judge slammed the gavel as he read Gene McGuire’s verdict in a crowded Pennsylvania courtroom in 1978. “Second degree murder ... the rest of your natural life.” The other details are a blur according to Gene, who was only 17 at the time but being tried as an adult. How could he have ended up here? He was a football and track star in high school and a good kid with a strong work ethic. During the trial, his defense called upon former coaches, neighbors, and employers, all of whom praised Gene but essentially said, “We never would have imagined he could do this.” But the truth is, he didn’t. 📝@marathon_dan . . . . . . . #portraitphotography #gateway #gatewaylife #stories #allaboutpeople #hisstory #redeemed