TRUTH: “Just when I thought I had finally put myself back together enough I was pulled back down by the overwhelm of grief. That's the thing about grief we tend to believe that there is this one time fix all or that time will heal us completely.” To read on click the link in my bio. #blog #rygrowthcoaching #trueself #selflove #transparency #selfgrowth #beyou #empowerment #askquestions #healingthroughgrief #reflect #JRNI #lifecoach #purpose #gettingunstuck #reachyourfullpotential #growth #change

Whaaaaat is that?! Listen to our latest episode to find out! #floandcarratalkaboutstuff is dropping our #factcheckfriday episode tomorroowwwww! 👍🏼💜

Your garage door is your largest moving part at your house with frequent use. When ringing around for quotes ask what kind of “experience” the rep will have who will service/repair/install your door. It’s a question that’s just as important (if not more) than “what it will cost”- as it could cost you longer in the end. #everliftgaragedoors #over25yearsexperience #fixingupotherpeoplesmesses #brokenhinges #garagedoorservice #garagedoor #nojustno #askquestions #calleverlift #callus #morningtonpeninsula #frankston #casey #bayside

Learn everything you can for as long as you can. #learn #becurious #askquestions #neverstop #inspire

Just had a man come to my door and ask if i wanted to add cable and internet in to my house hold when i told him no. He then proceeded with "dont you wanna be part of the 21st century?"...took about everything i had not to spill truth all over him. Basically i was shown to be stupid not to have these mind altering mind controlling entities in my house. And I'm the one with the problem? Open your mind. Turn off the TV. Get off the wifi. Start the revolution. End pollution. End hunger. Stop conforming to other people because they have the the bigger crowd. A huge herd of sheep is still a herd of sheep. ✌🐑🌞 #openyourmind #askquestions #8inchespermile #nasalies #resurchflatearth #antarcticpeacetreaty #starttherevolution

🌴 Plantae (plants) Tracheophyta (vascular) Liliopsida (monocotyledon) Arecales (flowering) Arecaceae (palm trees) Sabal (palmetto) . . #sabalpalmetto #palmetto #cabbagepalm #southcarolina #taxonomyiscool #taxonomy #plants #notreallyatree #morelikegrass #homeschool #askquestions #familyadventure #travel #seeallthethings

Patio season is here!!!! Whooop 🙌 Curious why I freakin love what I do? Want to meet some cool cats? Want to just start the weekend off right? 🍻☀️🌳 Yes you do!!! 😉🙂😃😆 👌👍👊 Join me in Guelph tomorrow night. #askquestions #benosey #seewhatwereallabout #causalconversation #nothingweird #greatgirls #greatfood #greatpatio #seewhy #weare #truly #lifechangingskincare #rodanandfields #rfcananda

We were all given three amazing gifts: Our mind Our heart Our time It is up to us, our choice in what we do with these gifts.

I wouldn’t describe myself as a fashion brand in anyway but it was still interesting to head along to the @helsinki_new seminar today...I think for me though the most interesting talks of today were by Alfred Vernis of @inditex_ and @eyecnow . Alfred Vernis is the Sustainability Director of the largest fashion retailer in the world representing @zara amongst others. It was hard in such a short space of time (just half an hour) to hear in detail about their circular economy plan but it was definitely food for thought. I did not know about their #joinlife collection which is aiming to be more sustainable through raw material choice and the processes they use. This isn’t an endorsement of their products but it was important I feel, in a seminar addressing the fashion industry that there was a conversation (even if it was just half an hour) about sustainability and circular customers we need to ask more questions to all brands about their sustainability practices. I’m in no way perfect but my manufacturing processes are definitely very different to the big global brands and the relationships I have with my suppliers is very close. How do huge businesses tackle these issues? I’m not sure but it’s good that the conversation is happening about this and out in the open too...if you love a statistic like me, then apparently the amount of new clothing bought each year equates to each human buying 14 new pieces of clothing a year... . . . #foodforthought #circulareconomy #fashion #helsinkinew #finnishdesign #sustainablefashion #askquestions #timeforchange #timetothink

Most of your problems are on you, and to easy to fix to even think about whining. ❤️ if you get shit done!

HOW WELL DO YOU HUNT? HUNTING with a home buyer requires digging skills . YOU, you have to truly know what you are doing, what you are looking for and what your clients THINK and not just what they say. It's important to know not just what the buyers liked in a home but every detail that they didn't. I teach my agents to never assume but ask questions, you have to dig. If the buyer says: "I don't like this kitchen" ... The right response won't be " Ok, we can move to the next showing. "The true house hunter's response would be: "May I ask you why you don't like it? Is it a layout? A configuration of where appliances are located? Your feedback is crucial for me and will help me to faster find you the right home." Asking navigating questions will allow you to eliminate a bunch of homes you don't need to show and give you true clues to find the right property so much faster. One of my female buyers said to me once, I am right handed, and when I walk into a home - my kitchen must be on the right. When it's on the left, I feel awkward. Because of that feedback I suggested she eliminates over 10 homes she wanted to view, and we did... A while back, I was working with a family with kids, and when we looked at one of the homes, the wife said: "This kitchen won't work!" The kitchen was beautiful with all the bells and whistles, I mean truly gorgeous. So, I asked navigating questions mentioned above. And the woman says: "Irina, this kitchen is my dream kitchen, really, BUT I can't see my kids playing in the backyard from it ( kitchen was facing the side yard) and for me that's a deal breaker!" Colleagues, what are your favorite navigating questions when you househunt? #realestate #illinoisrealestate #illinoisrealtor #realestateforsale #realestateexpert #hunter #hunt #househunt #househunters #tiger #beproactive #realestateagent #realestatecoach #coach #coaching #mentor #mentorship #realestatetips #realestatebroker #homebuyer #homebuyers #homebuying #homesweethome #ask #askquestions #realtors #realtor #realtorlife #realestateexperts #realestateforsale

As small business owners, we are wearing so many hats and juggling so many things, it can be hard to take the time to give back. ⠀ ⠀ Where do we fit in the time when we are working 12 hour days? Where do we find the money when we are putting everything back into the company?⠀ ⠀ You can get creative with your giving! Some examples I've heard about: ⠀ -- Micro-volunteering by transporting food or goods for a nonprofit while you are running errands or on customer visits.⠀ -- Offering scholarships to workshops or programs you offer to nonprofits.⠀ -- Developing a giving model, like TOMS. Maybe not one-for-one, but for every X clients, you donate a product or service to a nonprofit or someone in need.⠀ ⠀ How do you give back through your business?⠀

THIS IS WHY! 🤔 ▪️ I’m starting a series of videos called “This Is Why!” Where I will be relating common exercises 💪to activities you may encounter in your daily lives! This week covers “Bird Dogs” and “Farmer Walks” and how they will keep you healthy and safe with home and gardening maintenance and SO much more!😲 ▪️ As I’ve worked in different clinical settings such as outpatient orthopedic clinics, skilled nursing facilities, and more as a Student Physical Therapist, I am often asked this ONE question... ❓❓“Why are we doing this exercise?” ▪️ How we as clinicians answer this question can be a HUGE motivation and or mindset change that will improve patient outcomes! WHAT WE SAY MATTERS! 🗣🧠Simply by tying in or relating specific exercise into rehabilitation or any training program is crucial. As we know specificity of training matters greatly when it comes to performing the activity at a high level of performance! ⛹️‍♀️🏌️‍♂️🏊‍♀️ ▪️ If you have ANY exercises you’d like to see specifically, leave me a #commentbelow 👇 . . . . #dptstudent #thisiswhy #workout #specificity #training #patient #mindset #motivation #inspiration #dailylife #why #physicaltherapy #exercise #function #movement #birddog #farmerwalk #gym #sweat #outside #askquestions #garden #landscaping #hobby #home #maintain #injuryprevention #prepwork

At 11a PT • Walt Interviews @biancapouttu Bianca Pouttu – Happy, Healed & Whole • Do you want to learn how to get out of your head and lead a happy, healed, whole life? Then listen to this interview with Bianca Pouttu. Bianca is a creative soul, entrepreneur, and speaker. She is the creator of the career and lifestyle blog, ‘Lifestyle with Bianca’. She is a life and travel enthusiast, with a heart to help people achieve their full potential. Originally from Finland, Bianca has a diverse background. She has lived in Finland, Switzerland, Germany, and Texas while growing up. Her multi-cultural upbringing has given her an appreciation for people from different cultures, backgrounds, and ideologies. Bianca has a core belief, that even though we all come from different backgrounds, we all have the same desire at the end of the day: to be happy, healed and whole. Bianca is an avid learner, and she is always striving to go to the next level. She enjoys taking her learnings and implementing them into her coaching and mentoring program. Bianca has a powerful story of overcoming rejection, hurt and self-doubt among other things, which she has turned into a mission to help others achieve the same. Bianca’s two big passions are the arts and wellness of the soul. Bianca helps her clients with interview and career coaching, as well as, overcoming self-doubt, rejection, and fear caused by negative life experiences, and turning one’s self-image into achieved potential, through spiritual healing and guidance. • Listen to the show live or to the podcast later > #StandUpSpeakUp #WaltGrassl #Leadership #FromShyToEmpowered #ShowUp #SayYes #InvestInYourself #SmallSteps #ProgressOverPerfection #DoTheWork #AskQuestions #TellYourStories #TrustButVerify