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Beware paw 🐾friends - this puppy influenza is killing my play game #caution #beware #puppyplay #dogsofbrooklyn #doginfluenza #gotmyvaccine

I’ll be changing the name of this account tomorrow!! The reason you ask? Well allow me to explain: I was actually never 100% happy with “prettylilpuddin” but couldn’t come up with a better name at the time...I’m also gonna change the name because sooner or later i’ll be cosplaying more characters than only Harley. Don’t get me wrong! I really enjoy cosplaying Harley and there still will be enough Harley going on on my account lol 😂 AU CONTRAIRE 🧐!! I’m faaaaaar from done cosplaying Harley!!!! (See cosplay wishlist + there are more mashups comming up) Meanwhile I’ll be keeping the name “prettylilpuddin” on another account because I watermarked a lot of photo’s with that name. And the last thing I want is someone to “steal” credit for my work or to create confusion when someone else would ever choose that name Have great day ya’ll beautyfull people!! #harleyquinn #harleenquinzel #harleyquinncosplayer #namechange #commingup #soon #tomorrow #beware #important #cosplay #cosplaygirl #cosplaymodel #info

#PSA Malik Washington he sells lies and dreams.. He lead me on and I let him in..He played such a woke black man role so well. He talked about his childhood being molested by his older female cousin, mentioned how he has an obsession with sex because of his childhood touching girls in 2nd grade and molesting animals. The lies first started with his age.. He said he was 27 turned out he was 33 and I was only 21, also lied about him having children. Then when I mentioned it to him he would tell me he never lied to me about his age or him having a child, but HE DID! Then the lies just became routine I guess, because be would lie about everything else. Even when the truth was right infront of my face and it was things I'd see with my own eyes, he would deny it and tell me Im crazy and seeing things. Was so mentally abusing until It got violent and I almost died in my apt one day. He forced me to lie to the police and doctors about what had really happened.  He robbed me for my money and wouldn't leave my house when I asked him to leave and then found out he has been having unprotected sex with me and multiple other women while they are bleeding on their periods, pregnanting them and leaving them telling them to get abortions as he did me. I stopped wanting to even be sexual and he would rip my clothes off of me and tell me that I'm his yet hes had alot of his. Everything hes done,  has been done without any remorse. MALIK doesn't emulate real feelings.. He tried to GASLIGHT into insanity. He uses women, gets them pregnant, calls them crazy and then leaves them and then uses them for money and place to stay. I been trying to get away and escape him and the abuse I was recently hospitalized because he picked me up by my neck & threw me across my apartment & my head hit the ground first. I had an immediate concussion, thought I was about to die, couldn't feel anything. All because I told him to get out. I'm a survivor and I wanna help women like me be strong enough to get out and get help ! #domesticviolence #breakingnews #stop #mustread #beware #teens #rapist #harlem #nyc #newyork #shaderoom #worldstarhiphop #nyc #viral #acrimony #wshhvideos #worldstar #drphil

Can I smash a car window to save a dog? 1. Only a local authority Inspector or a Constable have a power to enter a "premises" for the purpose of assisting an animal that is, or is likely to be, suffering. This is governed under Sections 18 and 19 of the Animal Welfare Act 2006. Sec 62(1) AWA 2006 defines "any vehicle" as a "premises". 2. Any member of the public who breaks into a vehicle to assist a suffering dog would not be protected by the powers under the AWA 2006, and would no doubt be subject of an investigation for an offence of Criminal Damage. However, Sec 5(2)(b) Criminal Damage Act 1971, does offer a defence to their actions in that (i) property was in immediate need of protection, and (ii) that the means of protection were reasonable. For their actions to be reasonable there must be a level of implied consent. For example, "I broke the lock off the water bowser to put out the burning shed." It would be reasonable to assume an implied consent from the owner that they would wish the person to damage a £5 lock to save a £500 shed and it's contents. It might be argued that it would be reasonable for a person to believe that there was an implied consent from the owner of the car for them to break a car window to save their dog. The big word here is "reasonable". If a person just breaks a window as there is a dog inside, and the dog is obviously fit and well, then their actions might well be deemed unreasonable, and they would have committed an offence. My advice is that if a person thinks that a dog is suffering, or is likely to suffer, they should call the police on 999. Only in the gravest of circumstances should they take it upon themselves to break into a vehicle, and that they must be prepared to justify their actions . . . . . #dogsinhotcarsdie #hotdog #dogcare #dogsincars #summer #beware #beaware #rspca #uklaw #dog999 #dogsdieinhotcars #dogstrust #npcc

When you witness someone wearing excessive heels fail (without severe injury) and try to keep a straight face . Posted by @antoinetteblikerr 👣 #thefootcollective #heels #silly #balance #dontgetit #humanshoes #haha #prehab #beware

😂 HA!!! 😂

It’s Gemini season. #beware