Life moves pretty fast. Sometimes you gotta take marathon mini vacations about it. That’s probably what twentysomething Ferris Bueller would say. . . We have fun.

Thanks to my beautiful wife for my early fathers day gift, spoiled rotten! I rented a road bike last year and loved being able to go for a ride and talk with my wife while we ride and take in all the beauty around us and have wanted one ever since. So grateful to have things that we love to do together....@therealjlud #asyouwish #liveright #sunvalley #boise #dowhatmatters #soberlife #myperson

Practice and all is coming 🔮👑

I wanted proof that I could do it. I wanted to know for sure that it would happen. I wanted to see evidence that I was headed in the right direction. Years of wanting and waiting have gone by. Little did I know that one of the first steps was to tune in and ask. When I did, the answer I recieved was to trust. I have made plans, lists, goals written on spreadsheets and so much more detailed steps. The anger, resentment, negativity, anxiety, and pessimism didn't start to leave until I began to let go and trust. Things did not start flowing and my soul didn't enter a state of allowing until my faith showed up. Tune in and ask.

Long weekend got me all 😎 I’m being real when I say we have absolutely NO plans for this weekend and nothing on my ‘to do’ list. We’ve been loving the gorgeous weather these last few weeks... and looking forward to a relaxing & fun weekend with absolutely zero plans!👌🏻What are you up to for May-long? . . . . #lovingtheweekend #livinglifetothefullest #summerishere #summerlife #outdoorslife #dowhatmatters #notodolist #nothingplanned #familytime #momlife #livethemorelife #thisisthemorelife

"Trivial hurts, tiny human accidents...These are of no more significance than the scurrying of ants to the wide universe..." . . . . . #outdoors #life #sky #utahsunset #dowhatmatters #sunset #nature #timeforyourself #enjoylife #beautiful #clouds #wasatchforest #publicland #alpine #mountainlife #keephammering

I love trees. I have always wanted a yard filled with huge trees. So far, I have one, but it isn't really mine, so much as it is a community tree😂 What is it about them that brings me such peace and calm? Sitting on my deck, looking at it is one of my favorite things to do, except in the winter😊 It brings me back to center and my energy flows more. Usually my energy feels like a volcano about to erupt. Yeah, I am working on that. That's why I love this Pixie Hollow Tree. It calms me. It helps me feel grounded. It helps me feel infinite. All that from a tree.🌳❤ Thanks God.

Lately my hair has been a little all over the place- curls here and curls there and some days I just can’t even control the chaos! So I’m heading into the weekend like....slouchy knit hat handy! (and with pants on 😂). #ootd #slouchybeanie

The sweet note that an awesome student wrote me (who hasn’t been a student with me in months) this truly warms my heart and makes me realize why i do what I do #lovewhatyoudo. #dowhatmatters