Caminhos Traçados Capítulo 17🍃🍁 (Penúltimo Capítulo) Ange: Amor, calma. Estou bem, só me leva pro quarto. Sebas: Tem certeza? Ange: Sim, estou bem. -2 Semana Depois- William pede Bruna em casamento, ela diz que sim. Ingrid é levada para um manicômio. Carlos tenta fugir do país mais é barrado por ser fugitivo da polícia e acaba preso. -Casamento de Bruna e William: Padre: William Levy aceita se casar com Bruna Navarrete? William: Sim, aceito. Padre: Bruna Navarrete aceita se casar com William Levy? Bru: Sim, eu aceito. Padre: Pode beijar a noiva. ❤️Rola O Beijo❤️ -Na Lua De Mel- Bruna e William passam a noite juntos. -1 Semana Depois- Bruna descobre que está grávida de William, e logo vai para casa de Ange contar a novidade: Bru: Ange, Angeee! Ange: Que foi??? Bru: Estou grávida!!! Ange: Não!!! Bru: Sim!!! Ange: Simmmm! Ai meu Deus! Meus parabéns!!! Bru: Seus filhos e o meu, vão ser como irmãos! Ange: Claro!!! -4 Meses Depois- Bruna descobre o sexo de seu bebê: William: Meu Deus! Bru: Sim amoor! Uma menina linda!!! William: Lindaaa! E o nome? Bru: Escolhe. Se eu gostar, aceito. William: Cristina, oque acha? Bru: Hummm... Ana Cristina? William: Siiim! Está na hora de nascer os filhos de Ange e Sebas: Ange: Amor! Pega as bolsas nossos filhos vão nascer! Sebas: Meu Deus!!! Vamos! -No Hospital- Ange entra na sala de parto e Sebas acompanha tudo pela janela. Bruna e William chegam. Dr: Sebastian? Sua mulher está chamando. Sebas: Ok. Bru: Posso ir? William: Eu também gostaria. Dr: Claro, mais com calma. -No Quarto- Ange: Oii! Olha amor! Que lindos! Sebas: Lindos! Ange: Nossos filhos. Sebas pega os dois. Bru: Meus sobrinhos são maravilhosos! William: Lindos, agora, meus sobrinhos também! Bru: Claro amor! Ange, eu vou ter uma menina! Ange: Parabéns! Sebas: E o Nome? William: Ana Cristina. Ange: Lindo nome. Sebas: Bom, vamos revelar o nome dos nossos certo? Ange: Sim! William: Falem! Bru: Faleeeem! Quero sabeeer! E agora qual vai ser o nome desses dois anjinhos? #fanfics #CaminhosTraçados #angeliqueboyer #sebastianrulli #ximenanavarrete #williamlevy

Chapter 14 You guys get in the Yeti and drive for what seems like FOREVER. You asked logan where you’re going and he won’t tell you. You started driving up and hill. G: Logan please tell me where we’re going. L: no need, we’re already here You look out of the window and see the hollywood sign and a table next to it with candles and flowers. G: wait, you did this? L: they weren’t meetings, i was just making sure it was perfect for the perfect girl G: oh logan, you’re making me blush he laughs and gives you a kiss. G: this is so nice. and the food is amazing L: i cooked it G: yeah right, all you know how to cook is pancakes L: not true you both laugh. after you’re done you head to a club. you drink a ton and get super wasted. after a while you were dancing with logan. L: babe, i have to go to the bathroom G: haha okay go right on ahead cutie L: stay here okay? G: no promises right as logan leaves you feel a strong hand on your arm A: look who we have here G: A-adam p-please don’t A: don’t what? he said as he put his hands around your neck A: this is what happens when you leave me he tightens his grip. your gasping for air when suddenly adam gets thrown to the ground taking you with him, as soon as you hit the ground everything goes black #fanfiction #fanfics #fanfic

Trapped by the prince part 13 is out!! I known it’s not the best I Shevchenko written but please comment if you like it so far or if there is something you want me to do. Love u❣️❣️ Tokifan💚❤️ My account: @loki.prince.of.asgard #loki #lokifan #lokilaufeyson #lokiodinson #lokiofasgard #lokiofjotunheim #lokisarmy #saveloki #tomhiddleston #fanfiction #fanfic #fanfics #lokis #lokifanfiction #lokiimagine #imagine #trapped #prince #godofmischief

He opens the car door for me, and I smile at him and get in. He shuts the door and as we walks around towards the other side being held open for him, I let a deep breath. This is it. I’m going out into the world- for most probably the last time. I can do this. And hey, Harry’s doing something nice for me. Who would’ve thought two weeks ago that I would be going into town with Lord Styles willingly and not angry at him? I’m still hurting from that morning but I am in no way feeling that weight of hatred that I became so accustomed too when I entered the house. Was it really two weeks ago? It feels like a life time ago. How far I’ve- we’ve come. “Drive Adam.” I jump a little, not even realising he was in the car. I look at him, but when his eyes meet mine I turn my head quickly so I’m looking ahead again. My hands are on my lap and I’ve felt plenty of things in this mans presence. Anger, hate, lust, frustration, happiness, arousal, sadness. But never what I feel now. I feel hyper aware of my actions, as though he were watching my every move. I start to bounce my knee up and down. Then I feel his hand slink around mine and pull it towards him, and I’m at ease all at once. My mouth breaks slowly into a smile, but I don’t look his way. Instead I look out the window, we’re still on his long winding drive, but I can see the large iron gates that have ‘Styles’ in them. They open immediately and we start to speed up as we head into the main road. There are two security cars behind us and two in front of us. I snort. “What is it?” He asks, smiling a little and chuckling at the noise I just made. I shake my head and look at him. “It’s just, all the security. I don’t know why I find it funny!” I say as I burst out into hysterics. He joins in, laughing at me as opposed to the security, which I still don’t understand why I find it funny, but he doesn’t let go of my hand. We sit and laugh for the entire drive. His laugh is like nothing else I’ve ever heard. It’s loud and shouting, and the noise is genuine “HA!” Sounds. He’s rolling around in his seat slightly, as am I to be honest. MORE IN COMMENTS

I’m taken aback. Leave the house? That’s never happened in Sweetheart history... ever. When you enter the house you don’t leave it. Least of all with the Lord, and he wants to go out with me? Because I want to go home? I stumble around my words, still in his arms. “As in... go right... as in go into town right now?” I ask, looking up at him, his dimpled smile making it hard for me to keep a serious face. “Yes. Unless of course you don’t want to...” He hurries off. “No! No, I mean yes I want to! Let me get changed, or dressed I think is the better word.” We both look down on my light blue pyjamas and laugh. “I’ll meet you by the front door in ten minutes ok?” He asks, pulling out of my grasp completely. I nod and head into my room. We’re going into town! I’m leaving this house that has been driving me crazy! I can’t quite believe it! I run my hand through my hair and head towards my wardrobe. What... what do I wear? I’ve only been in this house for two weeks and I’ve forgotten what it’s like to dress to go outside... I think back to those times I went out with my family. This isn’t like those times though. What was Harry wearing? It was his usual suit. I’m not going to copy what he was wearing. I run over to the jeans section and pull out a whole bunch of pairs, can I wear jeans where we’re going? What are even going to be doing? I look over to the dress section, a pair of jeans still in my hands. I put them down and pull out a dress. It’s cream and figure hugging, but very flattering. The dress ends at about my knee and whilst it’s quite formal for me, it’s more of Harry’s everyday wear. Like the royal family on a casual day out- when the royal family was still around however. Before Harry’s family took over. I pull it out completely and put it on. The sleeves are short so I get a coat that’s hanging up next to the dress that appears to go with it. It’s the exact same colour and length and looks gorgeous. I put the dress on, the coat and a pair of matching creams stilettos. Looking in the mirror as I brush my hair out, I decide I actually do like the appropriate company for Lord Styles. I smile and head downstairs towards the car. MORE IN COMMENTS

Not many books recently have captured my attention quite like #brittalundin YA novel #ShipIt has. In the last few years I have been able to see more representation in all forums of media for the LGBTQA+ community. It has be a wonder to behold. And what used to be the stereotypical gay or lesbian story is now taking atypical twist and turns to truly show the reality of LGBTQA life. It’s not a cookie cutter coming out experience, or life. Everyone has their own story, their own voice, and there own timeline. That’s what makes this novel so wonderful. It’s main female lead, Claire, is on her journey and so are all the characters. And that’s perfectly wonderful! They are all seeking a better understanding of who they are and a deeper understanding of representation in our modern media centric world. This novel points out some hard truths about the TV and film industry that I believe was due to the author’s insight on that world. And all of this set with the backdrop of a popular cult show press touring at conventions with wonderful nods to modern and other cult classic tv/films thrown into the mix. The narrative is funny and honest, and I found myself unable to hold back smiles while I kept reading. I ate through this book, and didn’t want to take a break once. Good way to begin a summer brimmed full of reading #bookrecommendations #bookreview #goodbook #verygoodread #yafiction #comicon #fanfiction #fanfics #brittalundinshipit #yaauthor #cw

¿Aún no tienes tu ejemplar IMPRESO del Cuarto Número? 📖📚 Un número dedicado a los fics basados en clásicos de la literatura, con artículos escritos especialmente para mejorar tu pluma y lidiar con la crítica, y la entrevista a Andrea Chapela (autora de la Saga Vâudïz que inició su carrera como fictioner) que no te puedes perder!! Adquiere tu ejemplar desde nuestra página de FB. #fanfics #fanfiction #literatura #clasicosliterarios #libros #revista #revistayofictioner #yofictioner #yoamolosfanfics #leer

Some daqui satanás 😂😂👹 ___________♤♤♤____________ Imagen tirada do google 🖱 Créditos ao artista ✒📝 _____________♧♧♧______________ #sweetamoris #sweetamoriscastiel #addocetes #familiaamordoce #otaku #game #amor #doce #lysandre #beemoov #chinomiko #mycandylove #amorsucre #amorsucré #amordoce #fanfics #fanfics #castiel #boatarde #bomdia #boanoite #eldarya ~~~~~~~~♡~♡~♡~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ◇ Usem a Tag: #docetesuprema & #familiaamordoce ♡ °°°°°°°°°°♤°°°°°°°°°°°♤°°°°°°°°°°°♤°°°°°°°°°° ❣@beemoov ❣ •••••••••••••♡••••••••••••♡••••••••••♡•••••••••••• ✔ Se pegar do IG de os créditos ( Ao autor/artista e ao IG)❤

Caminhos Traçados Capítulo 16 🍃🍁 (Últimos Capítulos) Ange: Olha, eu não sei... William: Mais como assim não sabe? Ange: É que eu sempre pensei que tinha ou melhor tenho o caminho traçado com alguém, quando estava com Sebastian, sentia que era você. William: E agora? Ange: Eu, eu... Preciso ligar pro Sebastian, lembrei de uma coisa. Preciso fazer isso. William: Tá bom, eu espero. A, olha faça oque seu coração mandar. Ange: Obrigada. -No Telefone- Sebas: Alô, Ange? Ange: Sim, sou eu. Sebas: Me ligou pra jogar na cara o quanto está feliz com seu novo amor? Ange: Não. Eu quero te perguntar uma coisa. Sebas: Fala. Ange: Eu sei que somos casados a algum tempo, mais eu não sei o dia do seu aniversário. Sebas: Eu, tenho 23 anos. Nasci em 1995. Ange: Sebastian!!! É a mesma data que eu nasci! Sebas: Sim, e? Ange: E, que eu tenho certeza de que meu caminho é com você! Sebas: Oque? Ange: Tô indo. Ange pega suas malas e desce a escada. William: Onde vai? Ange: Vou para minha casa e do Sebastian, depois de ligar para ele tive certeza de que meu caminho é com ele. Desculpa por te fazer sofrer. William: Tudo bem. Se é isso que seu coração pede. Ange: Sim. Tchau. William: Adeus... -Na Casa De Sebastian- Ange chega e fala tudo. Ele a perdoa e derrepente... Ingrid e Carlos chegam. Sebas: Oque querem aqui? Ingrid: Licença. Ange: Oque você quer? Ingrid: Eu, e o Carlos viemos dizer a verdade. Sebas: De que verdade estão falando? Ingrid: Eu, estou grávida do Sebastian! Carlos: E eu, sou o pai dessas crianças que a Angelique espera. Sebas: Ok. Ange: Tá bom. Carlos: Como assim? Ange: Fora! Saiam daqui! Oque? Que caras são essas? Acharam que nóis íamos acreditar? Sebas parte para cima de Carlos e Ingrid para cima de Ange. Sebas tá um soco em Carlos e ele sai correndo da casa. Sebas tenta separar Ingrid de Ange mais é tempo perdido, Ingrid da um soco em Ange, ela tem 5 meses de gravidez, e acaba caindo. Sebas expulsa Ingrid de casa. E Agora oque aconteceu com a Ange? #fanfics #CaminhosTraçados #angeliqueboyer #sebastianrulli #williamlevy #ingridmartz #carlosdelamota