I think one of my favorite things about Snape in the movies was how they dressed him. I always felt like his long black cloak really added to his character and helped create his intimidating yet mysterious demeanor. It’s also pretty sexy? 😅 #snape #severussnape #severus #harrypotter #halfbloodprince #jkrowling #patronus #fanart #slytherin #hogwarts #art #deatheater #wizard #wizardingworldofharrypotter #severussnapealways #severussnapeedit #fanfic #wattpad #fanfiction #fanfictionstories #hermionegranger #ronweasley #nevillelongbottom #ginnyweasley #snapesnapeseverussnape #snapeedit #severussnapelover

Distance Can’t Stop What’s Meant To Be✈️✨///Part 4 — — 🚨THIS IS 100% FAKE🚨 — — Follow @btwanniee (Me) For More Content Like This!🕊 — — so what happened is Hayden broke up with Annie for Kenzie. Annie got into a depressed kind of mood. She started talking to this girl on the Internet named Jayden. And her world has all of a sudden turned around.. — — — ignore these tags;) #bratayley #annieleblancfan #annieleblancfan #annieleblancedit #annieedits #annieleblancedits #fanfic #fanfictionstories #fanfication #annieleblancfanpage #annieleblancfanfics #annieleblancfanfiction #queen #idol #instagod #instaedit #hannie #haydensummerall #like4like #kenzieziegler #mackenzieziegler #internetfriends #internetbestfriends #omgpage #explorepage

Ruhani's pov... I shouldn't have snapped at Darshan like that. But I was so stressed at that moment that I couldn't control myself. And took out all my frustration at him. I just don't know what to do. I remember Baba's words. Flashback... R:He is tracking me all over the world. Though he still hasn't found me out it's just a matter of time. He is not going to sit quite till he reaches me and takes revenge of his father's death. What are you going to do then? B:Ruhani, being a celebrity wife is the biggest disadvantage you have. You have to do this if you want your identity to remain secret. You being a secret military agent is dangerous to both your son and husband. Leave aside his career, their lives will be at stake. R: But baba, how can I sit quite while he is hunting for me? I can go behind him and finish him off before he gets a chance to harm any of us. B:It's not that easy dear. He has strong contacts in international and Indian politics. Besides we don't exactly know where he is. Also he has high class security provided to him by the Russian government. If you do anything against them you know what will be the consequences. R:Yeah, I know. But then what should I do? B:Just stay safe. We are looking out for his every move. He thinks that US has some connection to his father's death. He thinks such a strong attack can be only done by US agents. So for time being you are safe. Don't worry, we will handle everything. Trust me. R:I trust you baba. It's just that I don't trust him and the traitors in Indian army. B:We will try our best to keep you and your family safe. It's a promise. R:Thank you baba. Flashback ends... I sigh. I feel really restless. Not being able to do anything. Sitting quite when everything is going wrong. But my intitution tells me that I still have time. This isn't the end. The game has just started. I wipe of my tears. Whatever happens to me, I won't let anybody harm Darshan and Ruhan. Even if I have to die for them, I will. Just to keep them safe. I won't let shadows of my past haunt their lives. I compose myself and go back to bedroom. I see Darshan doing something on his iPhone. I clear my thoughts and paste a smile on my face.

Darshan's pov... I can't believe my baby is turning 1 year tonight. So much has happened in last few years. All after Ruh met me. She came in my life and changed my life completely. I look at her getting Ruhan ready. She looks happy. I hope this peace, this happiness stays. We celebrate Ruhan's bday at 12 AM and cut the cake. He has started speaking little words, mostly momma and dadda. Ruh announces our decision to start a shelter home for needy children. Chinu and kri appreciate it and decide to help with the finance. Aadhi has brought him lovely gifts. When its Nikita's turn she looks at us blushing. C:Come on Niku. Tell about your special gift to everyone. R: What's the gift niku? Why are you blushing so much? N:I have a very special gift for Ruhan. I... I am... K:Come on di. Don't increase the suspense now. Tell us. C:Wait I will tell. Ruhan is going to get a little cousin to play with. I am stunned for moment. I pull him into a tight hug. D:Saale, kab hua ye? Why didn't you tell us? C:Abe chod. Maar dalega kya? Even we got to know last week. Then we decided to reveal it on this special day. Ruh and Aadhira are hugging Nikita and teasing her. So we are getting a new member in the family. N:Ruh is done, I am done now it's your turn Aadhi. A:Oyye, I am just married. Give me chance to breath at least. N:Tell that to Kritesh.😉 We all burst out laughing at that. Next day the grand party which is not so grand because of Ruh goes well. All our close relatives, Ruh's baba, Neil, Riya, Niya everyone are present. After party is over and everyone has gone home, Baba stays back to discuss something with Ruh. She gives Ruhan to me and asks me to put him to sleep. They must have something important and top secret to discuss. I go to our bedroom and make Ruhan sleep. Ruh comes in after a while and she looks tensed. D:Hey, what happened? R:It's nothing Darshan. Go to sleep. D:But you look worried, is there.... R:I told you it's nothing. Don't irritate me. She almost shouts, then realises what she has done. She closes her eyes and takes a deep breath. R:I am sorry Darshan, I shouldn't have shouted. And before I could say anything she runs out of the room.

Angsty AMV because I’m in a terrible mood and anything that has to do with Kasumi makes me wanna run away. ____________ #naruto #Kasumi #kakashi #Hatake #narutoocpage #fanfictionstories

Hiding My feelings Chapter 2 Boring school day *Alicia's pov* I woke up to my stupid alarm going off. I got up took my shower then changed into black ripped jeans, a beanie, and a black and white jacket *swipe*. Then i curled my hair ti look wavy *swipe*. After I went down stairs and saw my 2 younger siblings running around and Maricella eating ceral while my mom was cooking. I made myself a bowl and sat down next to Maricella. A: Morning sis M: Morning Ali A: Morning Mom (Am) Alicia's mom Am: Good morning sweetie *smiles* Am: You girls better hurry up before you miss the bus! A+M: Done! A: Bye mom love you! *leaves* M: Bye mommy love you! *leaves* Am: Love you too! We walked to the bus stop, I saw Connor on his phone of course. I looked over his shoulder and saw what he wrote on Emily post "Cutie" that hurt me a little. I ignored it and scared him he almost dropped his phone lol. C: Aaaahhhh! A: *laughs* Hey dummy C: *laughs* Hey Alicia A: So..Um..random question but- I got cut of by the buss driver ugh i hate her so much. (B) Buss driver B: Come on kids let's go! I don't got all day! We all got on C: Good morning miss B: Yeah whatever. Now get on you're holding up the line kid! A: *giggles* B: What's so funny? A: Nothing ma'am! C: *laughs* Connor sits next to me everyday except when Emily gets on cause she's late doing her crap A: Hey do you like Emily ? C: Ok *whispers* don't tell anyone but i like her a lot A: Oh *sad* t-that's cool C: Promise you won't tell? I just fake smile and say A: I promise C: *smiles* Thanks A: Yeah no problem We arrived at school and just waited till the bell rang. Science. Connor and i have only 3 classes. Yay! (T) Teacher T: Okay class today you have to find a partner and figure out what will your science project be about. This is half your grade. I got up and went to Connor's desk but looks like Emily already beat me there ugh. I went back to my desk and just waited for the last person that wasn't picked until, i felt a tap on my shoulder it was... Comment "💎" for more! #lovefanfic #fanfiction #fanfictionstories

Part 13 is up! Link on my bio 🔼🔼 Thank you so much for always support me! ❤ This ff received 1k viewers 😭 thank you so much! And hppy reading! 😊😊 . . . #gfriend #gfriendff #ffgfriend #yeojachingu #sowon #sojung #yerin #eunha #yuju #sinb #yewon #umji #fanfiction #fanfictionstories #wattpad

Post lagi, di FFn. Junseob of Highlight's fanfic! Mind to read and review? 😀😀. . . . #ffn #fanfic #fanfictionstories #junseob #junseobcouple #indonesiafanfiction

Gaku and Däny, Kasumi’s brother and Sister In-Law. From Rivals to Husband and wife 💞 _____________ #naruto #Kasumi #kakashi #Hatake #narutoocpage #fanfictionstories

Hey Leute, Ich schreibe ganz gerne und dachte ich könnte es mal hier posten wenn es euch gefällt dann schreibt einfach weiter✨ dann werde ich ein weiteren Kapitel veröffentlichen. Ihr könnt auch gerne einfach eure Meinung in die Kommentare schreiben. Ich entschuldige mich wegen meiner Rechtschreibung und Grammatik Fehlern jetzt schon mal im Voraus. »Selena liebst du ihn immer noch ?« fragte er flüsternd. Mein Blick senkte sich, ich überlegte bevor ich eine Antwort gab. Ich nahm seine Hand und schaute tief in seinen Augen. »Nein Abel, ich liebe dich !« sagte ich bewusst. »Ich liebe dich auch !« sagte er. Er stand auf und beugte sich zu mir herunter und küsste mich auf meinem Stirn. Ich zog an seinen Arm als er gehen wollte und stand dabei auf. »Du tust mir so gut, du bedeutest mir so viel.« sagte ich und umarmte ihn fest, ich merkte dabei wie er Grinste. »Sel ich muss jetzt los, ich hol dich später ab, ok ?« sagte er und löste sich von mir. »Okay, Abel.« sagte ich glücklich und gab ein kleinen Kuss. Er nahm seine Jacke und ging schon aus dem Haus raus. Ich merke wie eine Träne sich über mein Gesicht verstrich, ich wische sie mir weg. Ich wünschte es wäre leicht seine große Liebe zu vergessen. Ich lüge Abel nicht an ich liebe ihn aber das Problem ist ich hab nie Justin vergessen. Seit ich bei Abel schlafe wache ich nicht mehr Nachts mit Tränen auf. Ich weis das ich Abel liebe aber es sind nicht die selben Gefühle wie bei Justin. Bei Abel fühle ich mich sicher, er bringt mir immer ein Lächeln in meinem Gesicht. Doch bei Justin ist es anders ich fühl mich geborgen, ich habe immer so sehr Angst ihn zu verlieren, das ich alles für ihn gebe. Er bringt mein Herz so sehr zum Klopfen das sich es manchmal so anfühlt als nehme mir jemand die Luft zum Atmen weg. *Flashback »Justin wieso tust du mir das an ? « schrie ich und schmiss alle Sachen von meinem Schminktisch runter. »Was hab ich schon wieder getan? « sagte er betrunken. »Justin was ist mit dir los? « fragte ich weinend. »Was soll los sein Sel, du übertreibst wie immer, ich war draußen mit Tyler und wir haben zusammen etwas getrunken.« nuschelte er. #fanfiction #selenagomez #justinbieber #fanfictionstories

Distance Can’t Stop What’s Meant To Be✈️✨///Part 3 — — 🚨THIS IS 100% FAKE🚨 — — Follow @btwanniee (Me) For More Content Like This!🕊 — — so what happened is Hayden broke up with Annie for Kenzie. Annie got into a depressed kind of mood. She started talking to this girl on the Internet named Jayden. And her world has all of a sudden turned around.. — — — ignore these tags;) #bratayley #annieleblancfan #annieleblancfan #annieleblancedit #annieedits #annieleblancedits #fanfic #fanfictionstories #fanfication #annieleblancfanpage #annieleblancfanfics #annieleblancfanfiction #queen #idol #instagod #instaedit #hannie #haydensummerall #like4like #kenzieziegler #mackenzieziegler #internetfriends #internetbestfriends #omgpage #explorepage

NEXT DAY... Ruhani's pov... I get up to Ruhan kicking my stomach. R:ouch Ruhan. Stop kicking me. Go kick your dadda. Ruhan:Dadda..mommomaa momma. I slide him towards Darshan and get up. So many things have to be done. At around 12 in the afternoon Niku and aadhi come. I open the door and move forward to hug them. Instead they sidestep me and run towards Ruhan. I look at them exasperated. R:So now you forgot your sister too. Great. N:Ohho Ruhani you know we love you. She says playing with Ruhan without even looking at me. A:But we love this cutiepie more. Hai na mela pyala sha babu. Aadhi continues in child language and I leave it at that and get back to my work. They play with him turn by turn and help me in my work in the same manner. When Niku is feeding him aadhi helps me with food and when Aadhi is running around chasing him, Nik helps me with preparations for tomorrow's function. We have called decorators to do all the work, but still there are many things I have to manage. Darshan comes home in the evening with Chinmay and Kritesh, bringing a cake with him. Ruhan falls asleep and I am sure he will wake up around midnight for food. He must be tired today. Niki and aadhi didn't put him down even for a min. We all sit down together after dinner for the first time in many days. Life has changed so much. Chinmay has got a good team and he travels a lot doing concerts. Niki works in the City Hospital and she is quite successful doctor. She was the one who helped in my delivery. Aadhi has joined the new start up business of Kritesh and it's doing very good. Everything has fallen into place. All is good, except one thing. My heart skips a beat when I remember how my arch enemy is searching for me all over the world to avenge his father's death. It's by sheer luck that he still hasn't reached me. But I must do something to make sure that whatever happens to me, Darshan and Ruhan stay safe. My thoughts are interrupted by sound of Ruhan's cry. Before I could get up, Aadhi rushes inside and brings him out. He bends towards me because he is hungry. It's 11.30 now. Just 30 mins to go for his bday. I take him from her and feed him his cerelac. And as always he messes up.