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◼️ [Throwback 1998] In a few days the time has come: 20 years ago I sprayed my first graffiti piece with my dude Robert. What an awesome anniversary. 🏵 How many weeks and months we spent just drawing sketches or simply tagging in trains? I’m not sure. 🚀 We were very excited before and after that really happy. As you can see, we seriously dealt with styles and already built in an arrow. I love it. ↗️ With this first classic chrome bombing - i think a second outline I didn‘t knew at that time -, such an important part of my life began for me. For the next five years, it's all about graffiti. I knew every piece on the line and spent every afternoon drawing sketches. As the jubilee year begins, I will occasionally show some old stuff and tell some anecdotes. 🔜 • #throwback #throwbacks #1998 #oldschool #oldschoolgraffiti #bombing #welovebombing #graffitibombing #graffiti #graffitiberlin #graffitiart #graffitiartist #belton #backintheday #crewlove #arrow #graffitiporn #spraypaint #sprayart #cans


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