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Next jtree season’s tick list includes this mighty fine, incredibly sharp, crimp ladder Slashface. Here’s Keith incredibly sketched. I remember him looking at me with concern, saying “you’re first right?”. I emotionally replied, “that’s what she said.” and began the projecting process. #bouldering #herstory #hisstory #tbt #joshuatree

This Sunday, May 27th, make sure you catch Unsung featuring legendary hip hop artist @specialedmusic #HisStory #Unsung #tvone #tbt #throwbackthursday #tbt❤️ #hiphop #pioneer #igotitmade #specialed #theyoungestincharge #brooklyn #oldschool #touring #hosting #shows #appearances booking@pdpagencyllc.com

Bad quality picture👀 The Opposite Of What's In-store For YOU🔥 #hisstory #rehearsal #day1 @abby_molz @nehznice @________joel

"Follow your dreams and keep an open mind. The journey you take is just as important as the work you produce." -Daniel Martin I have interviewed hundreds of the most talented and humbled interviewees in the fashion industry. When I found out that Daniel-who is the now Duchess of Sussex good friend and she asked him to do her makeup. I was surprised but not so much. He's a lovely and kind individual. REPOST: Makeup Artist Daniel Martin's name is buzzing after doing his good friends' makeup on her big and historic day-Megan Duchess of Sussex. Go read how Daniel's career as a makeup artist all began! A good #tbt interview. www.exclusivelyfashionmag.com/interviews/2010/2010-5/int10-05-2.html @danielmartin #makeupartist #beauty #mua #hisstory #goodread #aspiringmakeupartist #interviewbyrochellejames #style #fashion #fashionstyle #duchessofsussex #meghanmarkle #london #exclusivelyfashionmagazine #glam #ltkstyletip #naturalmakeup #stylegram #makeupgram #hairstylist #instalike #entrepreneurlife #makeupinspo #makeupindustry #makeupartists

Cuteness overload 💕 Ellis is learning to pick up hay and keep it in his mouth. You may have noticed that this little guy has a hair lip. The nose/nostril lip is not connected. Ellis needs to learn how to take in food with out having it enter his open nostril. He manages his bottle like a champ. Last night we ate hay and his rumination kicked in! This is very good news. He needs to boost his immune system and begin gaining some weight. He could have been born a dwarf as well. At 4 weeks old he weighs only 100lbs and is super tiny. Calves like Ellis rarely make it past birth... not because of natural reasons but because he would take too much work. Product line is priority. Product and profit. He was 1 of at least 10 calves born with an issue on a ‘farm’ operation - 9 of them were shot. Ellis made it out with the help of the family we picked him up from. Thankfully they took care of him until he came to TAS. We will continue to work with Ellis, figuring out what works for him to thrive and have an optimal life. A story just beginning - of resilience, strength, healing. A warrior’s story. Ellis. ❤️ #thealicesanctuary #beautiful #love #warrior

@iamashriley this is tooo funny #ashriley wanted to do a big shout out to my mate ash loool #checkout #hisstory you all need to check out ash Riley page he's is so funny well LITERALLY makes me laugh he's now found a new love for his brand new #teapot looololololololololol 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🙈🙈 #greatactor #bestcomidian #needstobeacomedian #funny #lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

#TBT #TBThursday Me & the homie @mcgee_ocho had the opp to build while I was kickin it at one of my patna's crib. His story is that of storms, trials and resurrection! All of us have storms that we have been through. It makes us who we need be! As you live through your story, make sure you allow HIS story to become a part of your history! 💯🙏 #StayTuned #GodBless #HISstory #History #Story #Storms #Trials #Resurrection #Live #Build #Believe #Believer #JesusFreak #Artist #Atlanta #The #BadBoy #Of #Gospel

#Growth 🌞🌞🌞 #Mentalhealthawareness Story time: I used to feel so powerless yet so full of dreams. Dreams to be an achiever, a leader, someone with peace of mind and confidence, someone who would make a meaningful difference, someone courageous. I was a person who once thought that amounting to my potential was almost a hopeless pursuit because I wasn’t equipped with an environment that encouraged my growth. I’ve battled a fluctuating self-esteem, chronic depression since childhood, and social anxiety that suffocated my inner flame from roaring into the wildfire it is today. My life switched when I took on the challenge of redefining my perspective of the world and when I came to the reality that life is not meant for continuous suffering. I owned the vulnerable parts of my character with pride that ultimately saved me from totally losing myself. Learning to love others even when they didn’t know how to love me back, developing an undying faith in the energy embodied beyond the surface point of view of things, and studying myself long enough to understand that my inhibitions were only mere illusions.. These were the life lessons that built the foundation of my rise. Today I can say I’ve restored my mental health and spiritual peace. To enjoy my own company, to know peace, to feel whole has been the goal of such a long journey through darkness. I thank God for my elevation and for picking me up everytime I hit rock bottom. And for anyone who has shared a laugh with me along the way.. This was the first semester I applied myself with full faith in self and I proudly finish with straight A’s, completed a successful internship as a Community Educator, and have taken on leadership roles in 3 different organizations for this next upcoming year at my university. Never lose faith in Self. If you read this far -> I send so much love your way. Thank you for taking the time and for following my journey <3

Enjoy being a make up artist for my mate #hisSTORY @tagatapasifika @pacificrugbyplayers @jmapusua