(NSFW) Imagine Part 12: A week had passed, your boss and you were off to your vacation. Once there, your boss checks the both of you in a hotel room. You and her go to the room. It was a beautiful sight. You can see the ocean from your window. It was a nice day in paradise. Your boss looks at you. "How about we go to the pool?" She asks you. "Sure." You answered. A hour later, you were at the pool working on your tan. Then you see a familiar woman dancing to the music in the other side of pool. It was Nettie. You got up and went to see her. "Nettie?" You said. She turns around towards you. "Y/N!" She shouts. "Where's Seb?" You ask her. "He's over there with that tiny blonde." Nettie answers. You turn towards Sebastian's direction. He was talking to the blonde girl. It made you feel jealous. Next, you charge towards them. You push Sebastian away from her. "What the hell?" He said. "Why did do that, Y/N?" Sebastian asked. "You jerk! You asshole!" You said while pushing him. "Damn you, Sebastian." As you push him, you didn't realize the pool was behind him. He wraps his arms around you as he falls in the pool. A huge spalash came up and hit the blonde. She got mad and left. You came up for air as well as Sebastian. Then you started to hit him. "You son of a bitch!" You shouted. He grabs you and pulls you close to him. As Nettie and your boss watched on, they begin to laugh. Sebastian lifts up your chin and kisses you hard. You try to fight him, but you gave up and kisses back. His hands slid down to your back as you kissed. Your heart was pumping hard in your chest. Sebastian breaks the kiss. He leads you out of the pool. The both of you went to his room. After a few hours of talking and saying sorry, you realize you were in love with Sebastian Stan. You leaned in and kissed him. As he lays you down, Sebastian lays beside you. "I love you, Y/N." He declared. "I love you too." You whispered. As he kisses you, you ran your fingers on his back. Sebastian unties your top to your swim suit and pulls it down. He sucks on your already hard nipple. You moan as you comb your fingers in his hair. (Continue in comments)

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Chapter 11 : -Y/n "You know mom i miss you , and i just want you next to me now , like rn i need you to wake up and tell me everything's okay , sing me your famous song , and just hug me so tight so i know you won't let me go , maybe i've said this like every time i come here but it's the truth ." I said holding her hand , i looked down as a tear slipped from my left eye , i just want her . "I love you mom please wake up and come back please" I continued , suddenly i just felt a hand squeezed mine which was my moms hand , i got so excited that i didn't even realized that i smiled , my heart started to beat like crazy , "mom?" . "Listen Y/n , i-i love you , a-and s-sometimes y-you h-have t-to l-let g-go , " she started "no mom dont say that you're gonna recover and be with me" i said as my heart broke just thinking that she's leaving me , "l-listen d-dear m-my s-story e-ended h-here p-please b-be h-happy a-and w-whenever y-you m-miss m-me j-just l-look a-at t-the s-stars o-or t-the s-sun a-and that way y-you're l-looking a-at me i-im a-always g-gonna b-be w-watching o-over y-you i-ily" with that she closed her eyes , the heartbeat machine went flat ( does that makes sense? ) and before you even know it everything became black . • Yall guys like the story? Or should i change it? • -tbc- • #jacobsartorius #imagines #sartorians #jacobfic #jacobfics #jacobfanfic #jacobfanfiction #jacobsfic #jacobsfics #jacobsfanfic #jacobsfanfiction #jacobsartoriusfic #jacobsartoriusfics #jacobsartoriusfanfic #jacobsartoriusfanfiction

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