~Peter Parker Fan Fic~ You all stand still for a moment, thinking. What the hell am I gonna do! You think to yourself. I could run? Pretend like everything’s fine? Steal his car? Flash and Michele look at you in a way as if to say ‘it’s your call’. Now that all the pressure is on you, you have to act quickly. “Thanks” you say dubiously. You move towards the car reluctantly, the others following you. Alec smiles at you and gets in the car himself. You choose the front seat and open the car door. God I hope this isn’t a big mistake. You close the door behind you and the others quickly enter. He starts the engine and reverses out of the horrible place that you unfortunately experienced. The car is silent. Not a word. It’s like no one quite knows what to say. You decide to break the unbearable quiet. “So h-how did you know?” He looks away from the road to you. “Know what?” He seems genuinely confused. “Know where we Eh where we were?” The two in the back suddenly became tense. “Because you told me” he said with a slight chuckle. Hesitantly you reply. “No I didn’t.” His untroubled expression transformed into one of culpability. “Well you must of right? How else would I have know-“ everything instantaneously became crystal clear. “you bastard. Your working with her aren’t you?” How else could he have possibly known unless she told him. Of course there was a part of you that felt you could be making a huge assumption. Maybe there was another way? But with the way things have been recently this seems like the more reliable option. He ignored the question and pushed his foot on the accelerator immediately making the car speed up. “Slow down!” Flash calls out from the backseat. “I have a job to do.” He simply states and keeps going faster. “Stop!” You all call at once.” Without properly thinking it through, you reach over to the wheel and attempt to steer the car to the side. Hoping he will slow down. He does begin to slow down but it’s too late as you have veered off to the left. CONTINUED IN COMMENTS

I wasn't really listening until the teacher said "you guys now have to pick a partner to make this formula" everybody picked a partner and luckily Peter picked me "thanks" i said "no problem" he smiled we sat down and began doing what the teacher asked he was busy making the formula "can I help or something?" I chuckled "y-yeah yeah of course sorry I got a little carried away" he smiled "here put this stuff in the bleu liquid" he told me "ok" I added the white stuff to the bleu liquid the bleu liquid started to foam a little bit and then turned as clear as water with a bleu line on the Bodem "so we just cleared the chemical water?" I asked "yeah basically" he laughed "what?" I smiled "the way you said it it just sounded funny..hsjshd" he said saying the last thing under his breath "I didn't he--" I was cut off by my teacher "good job mr. Parker and miss.-- sorry what is your last name?" "Oh it's y/l/n" I lied "well miss y/l/n good job" he smiled and I smiled back "isn't your last name stark?" Tom asked "yes but my dad said I couldn't tell anyone that I'm a stark and he didn't tell me why so don't ask" I said "can't you fill that in urself" he chuckled "what do you mean?" I asked confused before Peter could answer the bell rang PETER'S POV "so we just cleared the chemical water?" She asked "yeah basically" I laughed "what?" She smiled "the way you said it it just sounded funny..and cute" I said saying the last thing under my breath hopefully she didn't hear "I didn't he--" she was cut off by our teacher saved by the teacher "good job mr. Parker and miss.-- sorry what is your last name?" He asked y/n "Oh it's y/l/n" she said "well miss y/l/n good job" he smiled and she smiled back "isn't your last name stark?" I asked "yes but my dad said I couldn't tell anyone that I'm a stark and he didn't tell me why so don't ask" she said "can't you fill that in urself" i chuckled "what do you mean?" She asked confused before Peter could answer the bell rang Damn saved by the bell Y/N'S POV the whole class cleaned up and went to their next class I had history but Peter didn't. geuss I'll have to find out later I'm just so confused why can I fill it in myself? MIC

"Good morning y/n there's breakfast downstairs be ready in 20" pepper said through the speaker I groan and get out of bed I showerd and then put on some clothes,some mascara, my favorite parfum and then my shoes I walked downstairs to the smell of pancakes i saw some pancakes on the kitchen island with a note that said "I'm sorry I'm not here but your father had some problems at work happy will be here at 8:45 to bring you to school enjoy your pancakes! here's happys number *number* if somethings wrong Xx pepper" I smiled and put the note away to eat the pancakes it's now 7:45 i had packed my bag already so I had some time to kill i went to the living room and watched some tv I heard the door open that must be happy and it was "i'm here to pick you up" he said while looking hella tired "I know are you ok?" I asked concerned "yeah I'm fine just tired" he said he walked to the car I grabbed my phone and my bag and sat down in the car happy had put on the radio so it wasn't completely silent we arrived in 10 minutes so I was 5 minutes early "have fun at school and don't tell anybody who your father is ok?" Happy said I nodded and went inside I saw the guy from yesterday walking into the school what was his name again... Oh! It's Peter! Ugh glad my mind didn't fail me today I stepped in the school and went to the principal's office I knocked a few times but no answer I then walked to the reception "hello can I help You?" The lady asked "yes please I'm New here and I was told to go to the principal's office but there was nobody there" I told the lady "oh that's right he had an meeting today I'm sorry here are your papers and I'll get you someone who can show you the school" she smiled "ok thank you" I went to go sit down on a bench and waited for a few minutes she came with a boy walking behind her "this is Peter he will show you the way" she lady said "ok thank you" I smiled and then smiled at Peter "and here we meet again" I smiled at him "yeah I geuss so" he chuckled "we got first period free so could show you around" he added I nodded and he started showing me around after 45 minutes of showing me almost everything the bell rang MIC

PETER PARKER IMAGINE 2: "Nice to meet you" I said "y-yeah nice to uhm.. meet you too" he stuttered "honey is it ok if I finish my conversation with peter?" My dad asked "yes of course I'll wait by the plant" I said pointing to the plant behind us my dad and Peter walked a little farther and my dad opened the...wall? There was something there but I couldn't see wat they talked for a little and then Peter was gonna leave "bye" I smiled "bye" he smiled back then a door opened there were alot of people a lady stepped out she was really pretty she looked at me and smiled "oh my god you must be y/n you're so pretty I'm pepper your dads girlfriend" "yes hi so nice to finally meet you!" I smiled "pepper could you call them off we should get home and settle y/n in" my dad said *at your New home* "This is your New room I'm sorry it's a little manly but we can fix it up with some paint and maybe some plants or cute lights" pepper said showing my room "it's massive! How did you guys know I like to read?" I said with my eyes wide open I had a couch and my own bathroom this is mental "your mom told us" pepper smiled "you'll be having a break from school in 2 weeks maybe we can fix it up together? You know like to get to know each other and stuff" pepper asked "yeah sure!!" I smiled "well I'm gonna go downstairs and put pizza in the oven so we can eat around 7 make yourself comfortable" "how I will definitely get comfortable" I ran to my new bed and jumped face first into my bed it's so comfie omg I just already know what im gonna do with my room I'm super inspired right now I grabbed my phone and started scrolling through Instagram *20 minutes later* "Y/n your pizza is waiting for you" I heard pepper say over a speaker "what!? An speaker that's just fucking mental I'm gonna love it here!" I said to myself I went downstairs where pepper and my dad were waiting for me at the dinning table I said "hi" and sat down they smiled and we started to eat my dad decided to break the silence and asked "so y/n how was your flight?" "It was ok just like every other flight" I said enjoying my pizza "You start school tomorrow right?" Pepper asked MIC

~Peter Parker Fan Fic~ You swipe to answer the phone without hesitation. “Hey omg hey” you say hopefully. “Y/n oh my god are you okay?” He says concerned. You take a minute to breath. “Yeah. Yeah I’m fine.” Flash and Michele look at you tense with anticipation. You reassure them that it’s okay. “Listen okay everything’s gonna be fine I’m gonna come get you. I’m on my way just now just stay where you are” You nod. Realising that he can’t see you you verbally let him know you understand. You hang up the phone and just wait for him to come. “So what’s happening?” Michele asks. “Yeah when are we getting the fuck out of here?” Flash remarks. “That was Alec, Peters brother. He’s coming to get us. On his way just now.” Michele opens her mouth to say something, clearly in a lot of distress. “Guy-“ She begins but is interrupted by Flash. “-Great. Peters big brother coming to save the day.” You furrow your brows and squint your eyes at him in confusion. “What’s that supposed to mean?” He chuckles. “Oh nothing just that ya know Peter couldn’t save you so his big brother has too.” Your look of confusion quickly switches to anger. “fuck you Flash.” Michele tries to interject but fails. “What? Just speaking the truth.” You roll your eyes. “Your a dick.” “And Peter isn’t?” He quickly fires back. “No he-“ “-he left. He left you alone. That seems pretty selfish to me.” You brutally come towards him. “Keep your mouth shut.” “How about you-“ Michele pulls the two of you away from each other to stop the conflict. “Guys!” She screams as she stops the fighting. “Did you ever happen to think that he is the problem?” You and Flash face Michele. “What?” You both say at the same time. “If you would stop fighting and think for a minute you would have realised... how did Alec know where we were?” You think for a minute. “Be-because... oh shit.” Just as the words leave your lips a set of lights appear from round the corner. You recognise the car it’s May’s. But she’s not the one driving the car. Alec steps outside sinisterly. “Get in.”