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💚🌿⏩ [swipe] Our actions are more powerful than we often recognize. On some level, we know that the ripple effects of kindness run deep and go far, but do we really perceive the profundity of this message? It is said that “The world is built with kindness.” (Psalms 89:3) What does this mean? God created this world not as a result of our actions or any merit we had, but as an act of pure kindness. This ultimate gift of life underlies all of existence. And the more we appreciate this, the more will be inspired to mirror and continually help renew the foundation of this world through acts of loving-kindness. While the highest goal is to try and go beyond ourselves and give without expecting in return, each act of kindness, even those with muddled ulterior motives, are magical. We are human beings after all, and each day we are engaged in a precious dance between wanting to serve our needs and wanting to serve others. Whether conscious of it or not, we plants seeds through our interactions, and they take root,!sprouting in moments and in places we never could have predicted. A warm smile. A friendly wave. A kind hello. A genuine compliment. A sincere expression of gratitude. An uplifting thought shared. An invitation to a party or meal. A prayer for another person. Volunteering our time. With every action, no matter how seemingly small, we become in sync with the Divine life-force and purpose that infuses this world. #powerofspeech #lovingkindness

Don’t quit your daydream #gymshark #qotd

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