TOMS POV I had been searching around for hours. But only in one neighbourhood where y/n was spotted by fans. Which also meant I had to be careful not to get spotted. I love the fans but at the moment y/n is all I want. I was crossing by one house when I saw the curtains open and close really quickly. Behind it I saw what looked like..Harrison. I listened closely for a bit and just when I was about to leave...I heard “y/n!” Yelled by someone who is 100% Harrison. I felt my entire body lighten as I ran up the stairs of the house. My hands were sweaty and my heart felt like it would jump straight out of my chest. I brought my hand up to the wooden door. And for some reason it was like I was stalling. I stared at the details on the door and the cobwebs in the corner. “ok. please be y/n” I whispered to myself. As soon as I tried to knock, the door flew open. There she stood, my girl. She looked so mad...for a second. Right before I saw a tear fall from her cheek. Karen: COME IN! I heard someone call from behind the door, y/n gave her a concerned look...but she stepped out of the way for me. As soon as I got inside she closed the door and pushed me hard in the chest, I fell back a little before meeting her gorgeous, tear filled eyes. You: why?! Why are you here!? Tom: you. I’m sorry, what I did was h— Y/n jumped into my arms, tears flowing down her cheeks and down onto my shoulder. Tom: I’m sorry You: I missed you. So much. How did you find me??? She asked pulling away. It made me feel weird when she left my if I’d lose her again. Tom: I’ve been everywhere. But I’m just happy I found you..please never leave again. You: I asked you not to leave... Tom: I know. And I’ll never do something so stupid again. Your my everything and losing you was like losing every piece of me. You: I’m sorry too. I should’ve answered your texts....please. Take me home.

“You know what your right, you only live once” Krystal said. “There you go, go Bestfriend” you said laughing. “How about you? Do you see any guys you would like to ask out?” Krystal said looking around. “Krystal....” you said a bit sadly. “What, don’t tell me your not over Herrison ...” she said. “Well....” you said. “ Y/n it’s been a month, you didn’t even know anything about him, he lied to you remember” Krystal said. “I know but...” you said but Krystal interrupted you “.....but nothing you have to get yourself a real man, you and Herrison went out for like 3 weeks and he lied to you the whole time, the only think you really know about him is his name, and who knows he could have lied about that to” Krystal said. “I just...I don’t want to get hurt again Krystal” you said with your eyes getting watery. “Oh y/n” she said leaning in hugging you. “It’s okay, forget about Herrison he didn’t deserve such a beautiful, funny, crazy, independent woman like you” she said while hugging you. “Yeah” You said in a crying voice. “Enough with the heavy, don’t cry, now go straighten up and when you come back we will party” Krystal said. “Okay okay” you said wiping your tears. “Go!” She said while laughing. “I’m going” you said. As you stood up Krystal gave you another hug. “That’s my girl, it’s going to be okay” Krystal said. You walk to the restroom, when you get there you go into a stall and began to let it all out. You cry as you think of Herrison. While you are crying a woman bangs on the restroom stall “Hello?” She said. “Just a second” You said wiping your tears. You get out of the stall wash your hands and walk back to the bar. “Where’s Krystal?” You asked yourself. When you make it back to where you were sitting you see Krystal dancing in the crowd. “Oh there she is” You said to yourself. You just sit there on your phone when you hear a voice say “Is this seat taken?” • • • • • #tomhollanders #quackson #tomhollandfanpage #tomhollandfanaccount #tomholland #tomhollandisbae #tomholland #tomhollandforever #tomhollandimagines #tomhollandfanfics #tomhollandislife #tomhollandishot #tomhollandismyhusband #tomhollandisdaddy

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~Peter Parker Fan Fic~ You swipe to answer the phone without hesitation. “Hey omg hey” you say hopefully. “Y/n oh my god are you okay?” He says concerned. You take a minute to breath. “Yeah. Yeah I’m fine.” Flash and Michele look at you tense with anticipation. You reassure them that it’s okay. “Listen okay everything’s gonna be fine I’m gonna come get you. I’m on my way just now just stay where you are” You nod. Realising that he can’t see you you verbally let him know you understand. You hang up the phone and just wait for him to come. “So what’s happening?” Michele asks. “Yeah when are we getting the fuck out of here?” Flash remarks. “That was Alec, Peters brother. He’s coming to get us. On his way just now.” Michele opens her mouth to say something, clearly in a lot of distress. “Guy-“ She begins but is interrupted by Flash. “-Great. Peters big brother coming to save the day.” You furrow your brows and squint your eyes at him in confusion. “What’s that supposed to mean?” He chuckles. “Oh nothing just that ya know Peter couldn’t save you so his big brother has too.” Your look of confusion quickly switches to anger. “fuck you Flash.” Michele tries to interject but fails. “What? Just speaking the truth.” You roll your eyes. “Your a dick.” “And Peter isn’t?” He quickly fires back. “No he-“ “-he left. He left you alone. That seems pretty selfish to me.” You brutally come towards him. “Keep your mouth shut.” “How about you-“ Michele pulls the two of you away from each other to stop the conflict. “Guys!” She screams as she stops the fighting. “Did you ever happen to think that he is the problem?” You and Flash face Michele. “What?” You both say at the same time. “If you would stop fighting and think for a minute you would have realised... how did Alec know where we were?” You think for a minute. “Be-because... oh shit.” Just as the words leave your lips a set of lights appear from round the corner. You recognise the car it’s May’s. But she’s not the one driving the car. Alec steps outside sinisterly. “Get in.”

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YOUR POV Haz: y/n!! You: what?! If you two need more ice cream for your stupid date i don’t care. I’ve had enough of you two. Ever since Harrison and I arrived in France, we’ve been staying with my friend Karen. But the past month hasn’t been so lovely, I’ve had to put up with these two being all kissy and lovey....sickening. Especially since I thought id be coming here to get my mind off of my relationship. Ken hasn’t enjoyed life too much though...he’s had to miss his school because of my problems. Karen: Y/n! Seriously! Get over here! It’s not our ice cream, Tom is in France! I dropped the plate that I had been washing. Soap and pieces of China scattered across the ground. You: tom? I whispered mostly to myself. I heard their footsteps as cane to check on the noise. Haz: he’s here for you. I looked over at his smile, not want to be happy...but for some reason...I was. Karen: maybe if you opened your phone to check Instagram, you’d see that he’s been searching for you for...LITERALLY THE DAY YOU LEFT Y/N! She said scrolling through his Instagram. You: I’m sorry but I’ve stopped answering my know exactly would hurt too much to see his texts. Karen: and how much do u think it hurts for him to have to send those texts, without a response! You: He did this to himself! I paused for a second, trying to let what I was feeling sink in. Was I happy or scared? I wanted nothing more than an apology and to have my love back...but was he going to act the same way and be oddly close with zendaya....forever? I looked over at the two of them, Karen’s eyes went from mine, to the door of my bedroom. She walked inside while Haz and I stood out in the kitchen...wondering what she could be doing. She returned with my phone in her hands. Karen: please y/n. Just answer his messages. I carefully took my phone from her hands. You: I’ll read his messages...but I can’t promise to respond. Haz: trust me...once you see them, you’ll want to respond. I rolled my eyes and ran into my bedroom. I hopped onto the bed and held the power button. Turning it back on after so long...and when it finally restarted, (MORE IN COMMENTS)

Much to do About Tola | official trailer {Dove Cameron as Lola Dolan, Lucy Hale as Olivia Dolan, Ansel Elgort as Wyatt Andrews and Lindsay Lohan as Rose Potter} • • • I know... it's rubbish. I have no skill. #tomholland #tomhollandoneshots #tomhollandimagines #tomhollandfanfics #tomhollandfanfictions #harrisonosterfield #harrisonosterfieldimagines #harrisonosterfieldoneshots #harrisonosterfieldfanfics #spidermanhomecoming #spiderman #muchtodoabouttola

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You woke up to the sun brightly shining through your curtains, you sat up in bed, yawned and stretched out your tired body. You glanced at your phone and there was a text from Tom: Tom ❤️: good morning darling 💕 I’ll pick you up at 11 xx You smiled at his adorable text and quickly texted him back You: cant wait 💕xx After scrolling through your phone for a while you got up out of bed and made your way to the spare room to see if Elsie had woken up.. *knock knock* “Elsie? You awake?” You waited for a reply “I am now” she said chuckling slightly you opened the door slowly “sorrryyy” You smiled at her apologetically she laughed “it’s fine, I’m hungry though, pancakes?” She said whilst getting out of bed “waffles” you replied making your way down stairs, Elsie following, “both” she laughed.. After a delicious breakfast of pancakes and waffles, it was about 10am, you and Elsie were sat watching the great British bake off and drinking a nice mug of tea, “y/n? There’s something you should know” Elsie asked placing her cup down, you did the same and turned to her “oh okay, go ahead” You replied slightly nervous “it’s George...” she stopped breathing deeply, you could see tears start to form in her eyes and it made you even more nervous, you could feel tears in your eyes too. “He um, he’s not great. Well he’s- he’s...” she paused again “in hospital, he’s in intensive care, they’re not sure what’s wrong with him but it’s bad, really bad, he keeps slipping in and out of consciousness, he’s been in an unstable condition for a few days and the doctors are trying to keep him stable, he might have to go into an induced coma y/n...” she grabbed you hand tightly “y/n, he’s wants to see you, will you go see him?” You felt small tears fall down your cheeks, there was a huge lump in your throat and you were finding it hard to breathe, “of course, I’ll go right away” you managed to squeak out, you left the living room and rushed upstairs to get changed.... • • •

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