--THE SECRETS YOU KEEP-- ----(your point of view)---- It was an normal day until you met Peter, he had the softest smile that reminded you of your mom, she was the happiest person ever, until she was sick and had passed away, when she had passed you stopped eating, sleep, doing homework, you gave up on everything, you switched school, and felt more lonely here. Nothing was the same, your step-dad would hit you, talk down on you, sometimes kick you out because he was so tired of your shit. But really you knew he was a piece of shit without your mom. ----Peter's point of view---- Today I met a girl/guy/non-binary named y/n she was shy and had the cutiest little laugh when she talked to me, it is like i could tell her anything and everything in that moment, i feel like i knew y/n in a past life maybe even a lifetime. Do you guys like the story so far? Should I continue this one?

[face reveal!] hey guys! first i just want to say thank you for 100, again. i’ll reintroduce myself! my name is sara, and i’m sixteen years old. i love love love surfing, dancing and playing soccer. the ocean has always been my favorite place on on earth, and like a second home to me. i’m a vegetarian, and i love to help people and animals. i love old music and movies with all my heart. art is a passion of mine. traveling is one of my favorite things ever. i try to be as kind and open as i can, as well. i don’t know know what to be when i grow up, but all i know is that i want to help people. to inspire people. that’s pretty much it lmao if you have any questions let me know! dm me if you ever need to talk or want to be friends or rant. i love you all so much. my personal is @saradette btw <3 💘🦋🌅🌲🌼💐🌙🌹🌷🌱🌞

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