Monogamous? - Rey From the window she takes a peek into the world. The sun rays hitting her pale face, faintly. Her eyes close as cells try absorbing natural vitamins. While those faded pink lips murmer prayers. Her head lowers as if bowing down to someone. Dignity maintaining an ambient temperament. She never folded her hands, even on days when she was seeking something. No one ever understood her relationship with the sun. Nor did she ever tried explaining to anyone. It's just, she vents to him and he never complains. In return, he soaks her in warmth that gradually increases throughout the day and eventually collapses in her arms as the Moon takes over, nodding them to have moments of love. #snippet #writersofinstagram #shortstory #relationships #words #nature #nofilters #life #notyourtypicalstory #moretocome #staytuned #shotonmoment #shotonmoto #morning #eleventhpost

“There is a sad, romantic legend behind these stars. Do you want to hear it?” “Yes, I do” she said as she snuggled closer to me. “There is an old legend for these two brightest stars, Altair and Vega in the night sky. They are part of constellations Aquila and Lyra. Once there was a man named Altair. He lost his parents at a very young age. All he got in inheritance was an old bull. The man fed and cared for the old bull. He bought some land and with the help of the bull he started farming on it. One day he was sitting under an oak tree and belted out a melody. It was a tune of heartache and loss, but at the same time the melody had a hopeful side to it, it was almost romantic. This melody was overpowering and too much for the angel Vega listening from the heaven. For it was the most beautiful music she ever heard. Despite her best judgement, she descended on the Earth down from heaven and presented herself to a mortal. This was never done before. She asked him to play the music some more and he obliged. This went on for a few days. Vega would descend on to Earth and Altair would without fail play a tune that would melt Vega’s heart all over again. Soon Vega became Altair’s muse and both couldn’t live without the other. But their fairytale was turned into a tragedy when Vega’s mother, the mistress of the Sky found out about this unnatural union of a mortal and an immortal. She descended on Earth and dragged Vega off from the farm of Altair. Vega cried and resisted and yet she was taken away. The cries of desperation of Altair also fell to deaf ears. The father of Vega felt sympathetic of her love and invited Altair up to the heaven. After a long journey, he finally saw Vega only a few feet away from her. As he was approaching her, Vega’s mother conjured a river between the two lovers to prevent them from embracing each other. Every year since then Altair is invited to the heavens to look at the lover he could never have. Every year Vega and Altair stand on the edge of the river on seventh of the seventh month desperately wishing for a way to be together. Every year love fails today. “Not today” she smiled and leaned in and kissed me, under Altair and Vega.

It’s not what he said that hurt me. He had realised that this was a mess. I wasn’t surprised when he called our relationship, a mistake. Often, we’re unable to understand a person but we think we do and when that bubble bursts, dead moths come out. I could see the anger and disgust in his eyes. Adi was behaving just like any normal guy would, when told that his girlfriend is having an affair with someone else. But what Adi had forgotten was the name of the girl that was etched in his memory like a ghost’s. He would often scream her name as soon as he’d cum, he’d sometimes whisper it in my ear and on some nights, he’d take her name in his sleep, asking her to stay. Begging, rather. I would lie awake the whole night, wondering if I was loving him the wrong way. “Often, we’re unable to understand a person but we think we do and when that bubble bursts, dead moths come out.” I wrote this in my diary at 3.17 a.m., after realising that our relationship was incapable of surviving. Why did I sleep with someone else, you ask? Because I hadn’t slept in six months. #poet #poetry #poetsofig #poetsofinstagram #writer #poems #writersofig #writersofinstagram #spilledink #poetryisnotdead #thoughtcatalog #authorsofinstagram #lovepoem #writingcommunity #read #follow #quotes #inspiration #instaquote #instapoet #igpoet #poetrygram #lovepoem #untwinesg #lovepoems #l4l #lovequotes #poetrycommunity #words #poetryofinstagram #lovenotes